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Assisting with Family Law in Tip City, OH

Family law issues are often needlessly complex and difficult to overcome without the proper level of legal assistance. Attorney Merritt understands family law matters involve difficult personal decisions and that settlements and the outcomes of each case can affect many lives. He is available to speak to you about family law in Tipp City, OH.

Attorney Merritt is committed to smoothing the way through all family law issues for his clients. He is a tireless and compassionate advocate, assisting families and individuals in resolving complex legal problems painlessly and efficiently. Each case and each client is a unique situation that deserves to be treated with an equally unique and tailor-made solution.

Contact us today to speak with us about your case related to family law in Tipp City, OH.

• Family Law
• Child Custody
• Child Support
• Division of Pensions
• Dissolutions
• Divorce
• Divorce Mediation

• Domestic Partnerships
• Domestic Violence
• Father's Rights
• Grandparent's Rights
• Guardianship
• Paternity
• Property Division

• Relocations
• Restraining Orders
• Simple vs. Complex Cases
• Spousal Support
• Step-parent Adoption
• Visitation